Kale Chips

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about these seeing we really do love our regular potato chips a lot.  Wanted to take a picture of these but they went too fast!  Next time we make them I will add one.

They were a big hit here for us, even with out nine year old. He doesn’t eat a whole ton of them but he said he likes them :D  We lightly salt ours as well which helps with the taste.   Will be trying to rub the garlic on each leaf next time to see how we like them. 

This is a thumbs up from us!

Don’t forget:  Rub each one with Olive oil well and  put them in the pan flat and do not put them on top of each other or they get soggy.  It says 10 to 15 min and I would go closer to the 15 min mark to get a good crispy chip.

2 thoughts on “Kale Chips

  1. I was ready to add kale chips to the “I’ll eat it because it’s good for me” list of foods that are edible but not something I’d be excited to hear Carrie was cooking. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Don’t expect kale chips to taste like potato chips. They don’t. But they actually do have a lot of flavor. I thought Carrie had used garlic oil but she had not.

    Final verdict: Not what you are used to, but can definitely be a snack food for that TV movie.

  2. Kale chips are really good. I was pleasantly surprised how good. Even my daughter who is super picky about foods loves them. I use BBQ seasoning on mine. I have also made them in the food dehydrator as well. Takes pretty much all night but I don’t have to keep a close eye on them the way I do in the oven and I have burned a few lol.

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