Books, Documentary’s and Youtube, OH MY!

Hello readers!  It’s been a while so wanted to update you on how things have been.  We have embarked on a homeschooling adventure with our nine year old!  I have been terribly busy with lesson plans AND learning right along with him!  I have found two awesome curriculum’s to work with along our journey for this year (4th grade).  SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse) and Teaching Textbooks (for math).  We especially really love the Math.  They are both computer based programs. 

Our diet has been going GREAT!  Do we eat out once in a great while?  Yes we do, but I can tell you, it has NOT been once every other week like before.  We learned that we don’t even want to eat out that often because of what we continue to learn about the fast food industry!  Check out “Supersize Me” “Food Inc”, and “Fast Food Nation” (just to name a few) on netflix  (I added a link to the preview to some of them however I linked the full version of Food Inc)! The full versions of all of these should be free on Netflix, check them out!

  There is another one we heard about that we have not seen yet, we are waiting for it to hit Netflix and that is “Fed Up”.  Don’t miss that one once its available.  I do believe you can purchase Fed Up on Amazon if you have a Prime membership.  I will let you know about that documentary when we see it!  But the other three are worth the watch for sure!!!  I would say its our responsibility to watch those if you have children!  We SHOULD know what our kids are eating for THEIR sake!

We have also been reading a book (the hubby and I read a chapter a night…or try to read every night) and the name of it is “The Calorie Myth” by Johnathan Bailor.  This book is WAY worth the read!  I recommend picking it up! Another great book, and the reason WE got started on our journey is: “100 Days Of Real Food”.  Friends of ours introduced us to this blog and we really took it to heart!  Thank you Sam! 

Try out her 10 day challenge, on the blog, to go whole foods for 10 days! It’s not as hard as you THINK it would be, I promise you!  We had to jump in fully after trying the 10 day challenge because of how great we felt just after 10 days of eating whole foods!  Just amazing! Don’t cheat though, not even once, to get the FULL effect of how you truly feel after the ten days. 

Also check out the “Fat Burning Man” by Able James on youtube!  On the show linked he actually has Jonathan Bailor on his show.  Another great find.

Another great author is Michael Pollen, a great book of his is the Omnivore’s Dilemma  and  “In Defense of Food” …any book by him is a great read when it comes to the foods your eating. 

Also, one of our readers, who also happens to be our aunt, reminded me about the Farm fresh atlas of central Wis. called the “Farmshed” magazine.  It can tell you where to find any organic farm in WI.  I’m sure if you live in another state there would be some sort of Magazine in your area with this same info.  I would try to google it.  It’s worth keeping at hands reach during your switch over to whole foods that’s for sure!  Thank you for reminding me about that Sue!!! 

Well, that’s it for now, weigh in #4  is going to be on October 28th this month so tune in to see results!  So far I am 40 lbs down and hubby is about the same :D  Our little guy had lost 8 lbs but his is now holding at exactly the weight he should be at for a nine year old!  :D  Nothing has changed for him…he is still blossoming and trying new veggies!  We found out he likes plain spinach leaves!  :D  We are just SO proud of him! 

Last link I wanted to share with you is this one “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”  Awesome information here, don’t give up on it…watch it through to the end even tho its a longer video.  It’s worth it! 

NOTE: We DO still eat whole grains and brown rice on occasion and in moderation, even tho a couple of these guys recommend against it, but their information is worth learning in spite of that.  We almost 100% follow the “Rules” on 100 Days Of Real Food blog.  Check them out! 


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