Diet Cures Seasonal Allergies?

This is the “feeling better” post I hinted at in my Sept 19 post. 

Growing up, I had sniffles and colds a lot around September.  At least I thought that was what it was then. Later on they became much more pronounced and eventually I realized that I suffer from fall allergies.

They really hit me hard too.  I had days that I would go through a full box of Kleenex in under a single eight hour work day. Even with pretty strong anti-allergy meds, (including trying some prescription) on high-pollen days I still had a runny nose and itchy eyes quite often.  

The meds made me drowsy, foggy and I definitely didn’t like it.  So I saved them for the bad days and suffered through the better ones.  All the while I waited for the first heavy frost to get rid of that dang pollen.

Enter my first whole foods allergy season.  

I waited to post this until the first heavy frost came and went.  I’d love to say that the allergies were all gone.  They weren’t.  BUT, this was my best allergy season in years!  

On good days, I forgot I have fall allergies at all.  On bad days, I might have a little dry and itchy eyes and need to blow my nose a few times.

I could certainly tell when I had been eating regular foods.  Eating lunch out a couple days in a row was enough to cause some mild allergy flair-ups, especially if I drank soda during lunch.

It only felt like the bad ‘ol allergy days complete with runny nose and chain-sneezing once.  I made the mistake of picking up some eye drops to treat a minor case of itchy eyes.  That worked… and within 30 minutes I was miserable, lasting into the next morning. (I didn’t make that mistake again.)

After a little research, I found plenty of sources siting hydration and healthy eating as the best defense for keeping allergy symptoms in check.  My experience this year certainly backs that up.

Many of the vegetables and even grass-fed meats we were eating contain compounds which reduce inflammation and histamine.  No wonder!

Best of all, eating right doesn’t have any nasty side-affects. Hopefully from now on I can stay medication free and mostly allergy free from late August through the first frost!

3 thoughts on “Diet Cures Seasonal Allergies?

  1. It sure is a relief to ME as well…not hearing sneezing 24/7! And blowing his nose was crazy! This year I didn’t even notice it :D

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