How I feel about slow weight loss.

When we started this lifestyle change, I often wondered when I would go back to my normal way of eating, when we started this lifestyle change I had NO clue I would be OK with slow weight loss, but I am now! 


Have you ever found yourself “planning” your lbs lost?  I have MANY times…in fact every time I started a “diet” I would count the calender weeks backwards to see how thin I would be by such and such a date.  Ya, NO MORE!  I feel relieved really.  I like the fact that I can grab whatever I want in my house and know it’s safe to eat.  From day one, we have NOT brought bad foods into this home.  Not even once!   I eat six to seven times a day and it feels good knowing I can do that and not be upset at myself.    It’s just really magical to me really…how well were doing.  Yes, we do go out to eat on occasion but the difference now?  We usually don’t order soda and we try to find healthier options.  We don’t go out often at all.  I’m thinking twice a month is pushing it when I say that’s how often we do eat out.

Our new food pyramid

Our new food pyramid


I am considering a whole month with NO eating out…just eating “house” foods.  Just out of curiosity to see if my weight loss does speed up a little.  Not because I WANT it to speed up but because I’m just curious.  I will let you of the results if I try this.  I may just do it this next month  because I leave for MO for three weeks in Dec so not a good time to try that out.   Or maybe it IS!  We will see how things work out. 

A hard habit I had to overcome was jumping on the scale every day, or even every week.  I weigh in at the doctors once a month and It takes a LOT of pressure off of me doing it that way.  The ONLY time I do get on that scale is if I’m feeling “heavy” and I KNOW when that is.  That way I can make sure I’m not going UP and if I did go up a lb or two then I know,  that was a little TOO much eating this past week etc.  And I back off on it and step back a little.   I am especially careful a week before weigh in…which is THIS week.  Weigh in is this Friday, Oct 31st.  And as long as that scale moves down (even if it’s only a lb) I am finally ok with that! 

2 thoughts on “How I feel about slow weight loss.

  1. It can be really hard to break a lifetime of habits, especially ones that revolve around food. I used to weigh myself every morning, now I can’t even remember the last time I weighed myself. The number is just not important anymore. Keep up the good work. We are talking about doing strict month of November to get back on track, we have been eating a lot of junk over the summer and eating out a lot.

    • Awesome Sam! The good thing about that is getting the kids back on track so they don’t get used to the junk. THAT is what keeps us going. I always remember how HARD it was to break Nic of the junk and OMG I refuse to go through THAT again! LOL It was prob one of the hardest things I had to do…sometimes had to watch him go to bed hungry and it made me so sad and I had to keep remembering it was for his own good. Now, he never goes to bed hungry and I know he’s filled up with GOOD foods :D Good luck! Can’t wait to see how your Nov goes :D

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