Number 4 weigh in

I didn’t update how my last weigh in went last week!  It wasn’t GREAT but it was that time of month and I still lost three lbs!  Even tho I really felt bloated and just blah.  So super happy about that and as of right now I am down 40 lbs!  Loving our new found way of eating.  It’s just right for us in SO many ways :D

We are always trying to find new recipes and make them our own, tonight Cory made up a super good ranch dressing that is to die for!  Very healthy wholesome ingredients that is not filled with all the bad stuff.  Getting recipe together and will share it here tonight :D 

2 thoughts on “Number 4 weigh in

  1. Do you guys have a “Farmshed” magazine?? Farm fresh atlas of central Wis. It has all the places, farmers markets, farms, honey farms etc that feature either organic, pasture raised, naturally grown, etc products, with maps and web sites and phone numbers . We got one from the Natural Family store here so you should be able to get one from any of the places you go to. I wish we knew someone with a big freezer that we could go halves on with meat!! We just have a small one. Anyway, Just wanted to share. I am getting more curious about all this!!!! Love you guys!!! S”ue

    • Sue YES we did find that magazine which is where we found our organic meat connection D: I LOVE that they put it all together in one area! I should prob mention that on the blog itself too because that was a life saver for us when it came to finding out WHERE in the world to start…especially if your starting in the winter time when the farmers markets are not active. I’m SO glad your taking an interesting in all this :D It has been BY FAR the best thing we have ever done for our family!

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