Weigh in number FIVE.

This morning I didn’t expect much at weigh in.  I hadn’t been AS careful as I was the past four months but I was still keeping it within our “rules”.  Just eating a little more that’s all.  Well turned out that it may have helped me instead of harm me.  I lost FIVE lbs this time around :D  Very happy with that and look forward to next month weigh in!  Heck, if I can eat this way and still continue to lose, I will take that any day!   Short blog post today but wanted to update you all on how I did.  Very happy girl this morning.  And hubby has reached his 42 lb mark AND got rid of his allergies almost totally!  And my knees have not hurt in a while now and I can again walk normally!  In total the two of us have lost 87 lbs and feeling SOOO much better!  It’s a win/win for sure. 

apple tapemeasure

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