Whole Foods – 5 Months and 42 Pounds Later

We started a whole foods diet about May 20 this year.  Yesterday, I had a physical (required by my work in order to have lower insurance rates) so it seemed like a good time to check my weight again.  I’m down another 5-1/2 pounds this month and over 42 since we started in May.  When I get the blood-work results I’ll post something about the changes, if any, that they show from May 29.

Eating whole foods was fairly easy after we got the hang of it.  Then we started following a more “SANE” (S.A.N.E.) whole food diet (as described in the book The Calorie Myth.)  Eating a whole foods diet with a bent towards SANE foods has actually been even easier than what we were doing with just whole foods.  The hardest thing is still cooking almost every meal.

Even though we are still eating a few servings of grains or starchy vegetables (discouraged, but not banned by the book) it has still been very easy to stick to this diet.  Serving sizes are as big as we want them to be. I’m almost never hungry between meals.  And if you are hungry, you just eat some more SANE foods.

On top of all that, the food is tasty! (Adding back more fats sure helps.)  The biggest hurdle I’ve faced is when I’m hungry when driving.  Almost nothing you can get through a drive-through is SANE or whole foods.  But that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make in exchange for the other benefits.

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