A November experiment.

I have decided that November will be the month that I will not eat out at all.  No fast food, no subway.  It’s going to be a ‘test’ month for me.  Nic says he will do it with me :D  In fact, he was kind of excited when I mentioned it.  He is NOT the boy I remember!  I am SO very proud of him for choosing to do this with me.  A few days back he actually choose to eat at home vs subway :D  He said he just felt like eating healthy that day.  Plus he knows that when he eats bad it brings back his migraines. 

He had one the other day (asked me to turn out the lights etc…that’s when I know one is coming on) and I asked him what he ate and he said he ate and ice cream bar at grandmas (I forgot he went there) and he said he only had one but that one ice cream bar was enough to bring back those headaches for him!  I find that so amazing really!   I think Nic is trusting us now when we tell him that MAY be causing his head aches.  Hopefully he will stay away from them when he’s visiting grandma next time :D 

I have not mentioned our November plan  to the hubby yet so maybe he will do this with us as well.  Either way, I’m doing it for me just to see what the end results hold.  We didn’t eat out that often so it’s not going to be a hard thing to do really.  I just think it may help push that extra lb I am looking for at the end of the month during weigh in :D 

We have blood work coming up here soon…I will be sure to share those results.  We both got them done when we started this journey so were curious to see how it turned out.  Cory will get his before I get mine so I’m sure he will share his news when he gets his results. 

Hope my readers are well!  Until next time…

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