Weigh in and Blood Tests

Blood_1I weighed in again a few days ago and today I received the blood test results required for my work insurance (required for a lower rate anyhow.)  I’ve been waiting, somewhat impatiently, for these results.  I wanted to see what effect this diet has had on my health and not just total weight.  Now I have about three months of whole foods and another three of SANE whole foods behind me.

First, the raw numbers: 

Item May 2014 Nov 2014 Change Standard
Weight (lbs) 372.6 327.4 -45.2 183
Total Cholesterol 173 147 -26 <200
LDL 98 83 -15 <100
HDL 48 44 -4 >40
HDL Ratio 3.6 3.3 -0.3 <5.0
Triglycerides 134 101 -33 <150
Glucose 101 89 -12 <100
SGPT (ALT) 42 30 -12 <45

There were a bunch of other results, but they were all pretty much right in the middle of the recommended ranges and had changed little, if at all, in the past six months. I didn’t include them here.  

In May, I had two items which were high (weight and Glucose) and two which were flirting with the high limit (LDL Cholesterol and ALT.)  The new test results are all normal/safe except weight.  

Virtually all of the blood test results improved in the past six months.  The only lab result which was worse is HDL Cholesterol (higher is better in this case.)   It only dropped four points and is still in the desired range, but it really should have gone up.  Then again, I was still taking fish-oil capsules then.  (I’m not taking any vitamins now.)

High ALT indicates possible liver damage or stress.  I’m happy to see that one back away from the high water mark.

Overall, I’m VERY happy with the results of the past six months.  I looked at my older checkup history online.  Many of the results this time are the best they’ve been for as far back as I have records.  For some the results are the best in five years.  For several others the results are the best they’ve been in a full decade!

I’ll definitely be sticking with this diet.

One thought on “Weigh in and Blood Tests

  1. We are so, so excited and happy for you!! Your darling grandkids will have you guys around for a loooong time to enjoy!! Keep it up! Love you guys!!

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