Weigh in Number SIX, slacking just a little!

Well, my “No eating out” plan for the month of November has failed!  We ate subway three times, and even tho it was a veggie  sub, I consider that a fail since I had bread with it.  Even tho we haven’t been on 100% this month we have still both lost weight!  I lost two lbs and Cory has lost three.  We will take that!  We have not had the best month at all but it wasn’t all that bad either. I ate out three times in the month and I’m not sure how many Cory has eaten out.  I would still consider this a good month since I have seen a loss :D  Feeling really good about everything, and we will continue to move in the right direction!  One day at a time, being consistent! 

2 thoughts on “Weigh in Number SIX, slacking just a little!

  1. I find that after you are strict for a long time it is a lot easier to slack off and then get back in the groove of things. I think the most important is just not forgetting the reasons why you are eating better.

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