What happened last month?

I have been in MO for almost a  month and let me tell you, it was NOT a good month food wise (getting to see the grand babies was AWESOME).  BUT it was a GREAT experiment.  I’m glad I did it and I’m even more glad it’s done!  It was VERY hard to stay on our diet and we didn’t stay on it while we were there.  And let me tell you some of the things that happened, starting about a week and 1/2 after we stopped eating healthy.

First thing I noticed with me was my knee started hurting a little more again (I have arthritis in it).  Not a whole lot (prob because of the 40 some lbs I had already lost) but some.  Next I started noticing my stomach aching a little…just a dull ache at first.  Then  about the third week it started hurting more (mainly at bed time).  Headaches were HORRIBLE and often (about twice a week which is a LOT for me since I usually don’t get many at all).  And I just all around felt tired and yucky.  Didn’t feel like doing much at all. 

For Nic, his headaches were back DAILY.  I shouldn’t even call them headaches..they were mainly migraines for him…he needed to sleep and he needed it dark (just like he did before we started this change of lifestyle).  They started about week two we were there…dull at first but then later, week three, they were really strong where he would not want to move or even go on the computer at all.  And his stomach aches were back as well.  He also said he felt a little more “weak”  I think he means tired, but weak is the word he used.  This was all in just  three weeks.  After the end of week three he was begging me to get him healthy foods…that’s how bad his headaches were :( 

What does this tell me?   Well for one, I KNOW it was the change of food.  It was the ONLY thing we did differently.  We used our same bottled water to drink (although we did drink soda while there besides the water).  

We have been back to eating healthy foods again and already we have noticed a difference…Nic has not had a headache since we have been back, and we were not even eating 100% at first when we got home but we were eating mainly healthy again.  Today we are back on 100%.  I will update again after a weeks time to let you know the changes.  I have gained 10 lbs back while being in MO,  I can tell that is mainly water weight so not too worried.  I’m sure I can get that off in a week. 

We will NOT be doing that again!  If I have to stay away for a few weeks time again, I will be SURE to find someplace to buy ALL the food I need to stay on our  food plan (we did buy some but I didn’t have everything I was used to cooking with so it was hard, and had to improvise …have to plan better next time!.  I never want to feel that way again…EVER.  You really notice more going to the bad foods (after eating healthy for so long) then you do going to healthy from bad foods.  The change is much faster and you notice it right away.  Glad to be back home and doing well again! :D  Let the weight loss continue!! 

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