Do we really know how much sugar we take in every day??

We have been watching a lot of documentaries about sugar and it’s crazy how much we really want to cut it out of our diet for good.  The hard thing is…almost EVERYTHING has sugar in it.  Its frustrating that the food industry is making it so hard for us.  We just have to be smarter about our choices we make. It CAN be done :D

I did a little experiment with a day of food I USED to eat and put sugar in a bowl to show myself how much sugar I was REALLY getting vs how much I THOUGHT I was getting.  It was amazing!  I was shocked…well, after watching a youtube video on it, I wasn’t really shocked…because I already knew I was overdoing it on sugar.  I was shocked however, as I watched that show, just learning how much sugar each item actually had in it! I will find that link and add it here later for you. 

Do yourself a favor and figure it out for yourself and just see how much sugar your ingesting each day.  I bet you too will be amazed.  Take a bowl and set a tsp in it, for every 4 grams of sugar you ingest, put a tsp of white sugar in a bowl…so if it has 12 grams of sugar, put 3 tsp of sugar into a bowl.  Do this for EVERY item you eat/drink.  If it doesn’t have a label, google it.    Do this throughout the day.  Share it here with me if you decide to try it out please.  I would love to see your results!   Just check the label and it will tell you how many grams of sugar each serving has.  Make sure you remember that if you have more then a serving, add that extra sugar to your bowl as well.  Don ‘t guess, measure everything.  If you have salad dressing, measure a serving out (usually 2 tbs) because we usually ALWAYS have over a serving.  A bottle of soda is over a serving, so add that extra if you have a whole bottle. 

Keep in mind that a women should only have about 5 tsp of sugar per day (20 grams), that’s not a whole lot!  Some say that it’s ok to ingest 10 tsp…even at that, it’s not a lot considering that some single food items are over that! If your having over that, weight gain and health issues will eventually find you. 

So please, check this info out for yourself and watch a few documentaries about it and what it does to your body.  Cancer being a big one, heart disease being another.  It’s worth looking into…if not for yourself, for your children.  Times have changed SO much and they are at serious risk.  Get rid of sugar out of their diets so they can thrive and live a long healthy life without so many health issues.  They will thank you for it later! 

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