We are back!~

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back!  By back, I mean back on our Whole Foods Journey.  One thing I can tell you is once you “take a break” be it however long, it’s NOT easy to get back into the grove of things. 

We have let ourselves slip and started eating bad food here and there…started off with me going to MO for a few weeks to be with my grand babies and my kiddos and I told myself it was “ok” to not stay on it just for a few weeks.  Right?  Well, it didn’t do me ANY good and it sure didn’t do my son any good.  He got his head aches back full force (almost daily again), I got my knee pain back because I gained weight back (not all I lost, but a lot for only being a few months), hubby got his allergies back and my back started hurting again.  ALLL those things had went away after we were on our whole foods diet for just 10 days…well all except my knee and back pain..those took about a month but they went away!  NOW we are dealing with everything again because we took a break. 

We learned a hard lesson with all this though!  It’s NOT ok to take a few weeks off!  Not for us anyhow.  Obviously it didn’t work. 

We had recently watched the documentary called “Fed Up” and it showed on Netflix.  If you get a chance, watch it!  It’s very interesting.  My son watched  it with us and he was very moved by it.  HE asked us to start buying healthy foods again, he was tired of his headaches every day. 

We have been doing well now for about a week and already his headaches have went down a lot!  It amazes me every day how much of an affect eating has on those things.  Now, if your eating “sort of healthy” and not ALL whole/clean foods…this will NOT work for you.  At least it didn’t for us.  You have to be consistent with healthy/clean foods every day for it to work it’s magic.  I am already feeling better and have a little more energy but I know by the time the month is up It will mean less knee pain and back pain for me!  I will continue to update on how it goes. 

For now, I will leave you with this photo of my shopping spree today.  90 bucks got me what is pictured.  A big bag of different dark greens in the bag in the back,  I did have a lot more apples and mushrooms but didn’t put all of them out there…just a few for the picture.  All Organic.  This is what our “normal” used to be..and now, what it is again!  Could not be happier about that!  SO excited for my back/knee pain to go away again! 

Shopping spree at our local health store

Shopping spree at our local health store

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