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We are a family of five: Husband, Wife (me), Daughter, 2 Sons (my daughter and one of my sons are out of the house, and we have a nine year old still home with us.)

Since 2005 we have lived in central Wisconsin on 20 acres.  The country life has been wonderful!  So peaceful and relaxing.  We added chickens about 7 years ago and I got just a little addicted.  We raise chicken mainly to get the nice fresh pastured eggs.  We have two dogs (a boxer and chocolate lab) and two mutt cats. 

We recently realized that we would NEEDto get healthy and started looking into healthy ways of eating and ran into whole foods along the way.   We joined in on a 10 day journey with “real food” and now we are hooked.  We plan on blogging about our journey in hopes that it will help someone else who wants to get healthy and add several years to their lives as we hope to do. 


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    • Thanks Kathleen for checking in :D We are back now and doing great! I am starting to update posts again and we will add new recipes as well.

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