Kale Chips

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about these seeing we really do love our regular potato chips a lot.  Wanted to take a picture of these but they went too fast!  Next time we make them I will add one.

They were a big hit here for us, even with out nine year old. He doesn’t eat a whole ton of them but he said he likes them :D  We lightly salt ours as well which helps with the taste.   Will be trying to rub the garlic on each leaf next time to see how we like them. 

This is a thumbs up from us!

Don’t forget:  Rub each one with Olive oil well and  put them in the pan flat and do not put them on top of each other or they get soggy.  It says 10 to 15 min and I would go closer to the 15 min mark to get a good crispy chip.

Review (Dark Chocolate) 70%

So I recently learned on the show “The Doctors” that you should ONLY eat chocolate with at least 70% cocoa in it.  We normally had The Dove Dark Chocolate Promises but recently found out they are full of stuff that is not good for you.  So this is what we switched too:

It’s a NON Gmo Organic Fair Trade product.

Theo 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Theo 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

This was really good actually!  It does have a little sugar but we are only eating one square of it a day so we are ok with that.  I will continue to move up on the choc percent as we get used to it though.  Will end up having only 85% Dark Chocolate.   We were very pleased with this though.  It melts in your mouth and it hits the chocolate spot!  The down side?  It’s expensive.  For this one bar (3 oz) I paid  $4.89  I want to look at possibly getting them in bulk through Amazon as well.  May be cheaper that way.